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Growth Capability Assessment

What makes Inc. 500 firms so successful? Over a 5 year period I contracted with Inc. Magazine to help answer that question.

In calling the firms, we discovered that about every fifth call was a recording, "I'm sorry that number is no longer in service". We spent the next 5 years determining what made the successful ones successful. I have codified all these years of learning and experience to create the Growth Capability Assessment. 

If you’re curious and want to learn more, just schedule a phone or Zoom call with me below. I’d enjoy sharing how the Growth Capability Assessment works.

The Assessment Report Includes:

  •  Analysis of 6 critical elements in your organization:
  • Strategic Focus
  • Leadership Actions
  • Market Knowledge
  • Marketing and Sales Systems
  • Culture & Communication
  • Data Check Points
  • Recommendations for creating and sustaining near & long term growth. 
  • Start/stop/continue implications.

Results clients have realized:

  • Engineering firm - $4M to $18M two years
  • Research firm - $3.5M to $7M four years
  • Technology firm - $4M to $8.5M in three years

As one client put it: “The GCA report became my bible for the year. I referenced it all of the time, especially when we had tough decisions to make”.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the process work?

We begin with an introductory phone or Zoom call to get to know each other. We review your goals, go over the Audit process in detail, and if agreed, set up a start date and schedule.

How does the billing work?

Total cost for the Assessment is $12,000 plus expenses; 50% due upon agreement to proceed, and 50% due upon review of the Assessment report.

What happens after the Assessment Report is delivered?

If desired, we can set up ongoing coaching sessions. Most of our clients proceed with their own resources to implement report recommendations. However, we can discuss any outside resources you might need to implement report recommendations.