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Good Vibrations Make a Difference

In business we need expertise, we need skills, and we need our share of luck. As it turns out, good vibes make a big difference and they can help compensate for our shortcomings.

Josh Freedman explains: “Emotions are contagious. Feelings spread between people like a virus, even if we’re not paying attention to emotions. Whether we’re in a group or with one other person, we can “catch” both positive and negative emotions.”

Wayne Baker explains: “To understand how this works, think of people in your workplace who buoy you up, who lift your spirits. What do they do? What do they say? Some people are energizing because they give off positive vibes…Others energize us because they create genuine connections. In conversations, for example, they devote their full attention and listen carefully.…They include instances when we create a positive vision, when we contribute meaningfully to a conversation, when people are fully present and attentive, and when we have an interaction that gives us a sense of progress and hope.” states, “Smiling is contagious, so when you smile, others will also likely return the smile, creating happiness all around… Remember there’s a noticeable difference in a fake smile and a genuine smile.

So how do you go about generating all this positive energy? It doesn’t work to fake it — everyone sees through that. You sure don’t want to come across like a happy clown. These behaviors engender positiveness:

  • Maintain an open mind, 
  • Listen with genuine interest in other people,
  • Share authentic smiles,
  • Assume positive intent,
  • Avoid defensiveness (the corruptor of relationships).

The quality of your connections determines how your co-workers regard you, how well your boss listens to you, and whether your customer gives you their full attention.

Being positive and giving good vibes matters… (do I hear The Beach Boys singing?)