Communication and Listening Skills for Teams

Why Managers & Team Leaders Buy Our eBooks

Listening skills, types of listening and what is listening ebooks for millennials

Collaboration, honest communications, open communications, understanding, trust.  These elements propel teams and organizations to greater heights.  If you are managing a team, these are the elements you want to experience every day.

Find out how to navigate the politics, cliques, and conflicts within teams where members do not effectively connect with each other.

Our Savvy Communications eBooks break down the elements that engender trust, and honest and open communications.  Team members learn more than just what to do e.g., listen, ask good questions, etc.  They learn How To listen, ask good questions, etc., thereby building high quality connections.  The results:
  • Team effectiveness increases
  • Team relationship skills improve
  • Team empowerment increases
  • Toxic behaviors decrease
  • Meetings become more productive
  • Team synergy improves results

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It’s the quality of your connections that determines how co-workers regard you, how well your boss listens to you, and whether your customer gives you their full attention.

If you had all of your team members get and use the tips and tools in our Communications eBooks, imagine the difference it would make in team performance.

“How to Who is excellent.  Don’t pass on it because you’re experienced and think you know it all.”
Tip Simons, VP, TD Bank

Jason Soucy's testimonial on listening skills programs and ebooks

“With How to Who I learned how to build relationships that went beyond networking.  And, the program rollout helped keep me focused on my relationships over time instead of just learning everything in a burst without ongoing reinforcement.”
Jason Soucy, Director Sales
The Traveler’s Championship (PGA TOUR Event)

“I have been in some kind of sales my entire working career - retail, non-profit development and banking.  And guess what?  There is still more to learn!  and How to Who is an excellent book offering valuable tools that would benefit any salesperson at any stage in their career .. and even in your personal life.  The point .. well written … a keeper and a great gift.”
Pamela Garrison, Owner Garrison Furniture