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Three Fundamentals in every Relationship

3 Fundamentals in Every Relationship

These three factors are the keys to the kingdom of relationships.  Understand these factors and you gain X-ray vision into what’s going on. You have insight into the why’s and wherefore’s of what’s happening or not happening between people.

Social Capital Skills, Vol 1.

Social Capital Skills Vol. 1

Discover the fundamental techniques and tools used by master communicators, things that most of us take for granted.  For example, there are actually 5 different ways to listen — thing is, how you listen determines the kind and amount of information you get.  Get inside the speaking and questioning tools that enable clear communications and effective relationships with almost anybody.

Social Capital Skills, Vol 2.

Social Capital Skills Vol. 2

What are the ingredients in trust?  What’s the difference between feeling certain and being right?  Difficult people are, well, difficult — some powerful ways to manage the situation.  Make your relationships easier to manage because you know how to smooth out the bumps that inevitably occur even in the best business relationships.

Quick Reads on Good Stuff to Know

Quick Reads -- Good Stuff To Know

Quick Reads is a collection of little gems that really make a difference. These tips can change how others perceive you; they enjoy being with you.  Explore handling complex situations, the pros and cons of telling people what to do, or correcting them.  Learn how to harness the power of “how” vs “why”.

Master Communicator Notes

Master Communicator Notes

Master Communicators display great insight when they relate to others.  This handbook explains some of the subtle things Masters understand: behaviors that help or hinder; how to say no, how to connect with most anyone, the difference between content and process, and the impact of relational energy.

Power Tools for Building Buy-In

Power Tools For Building Buy-In

It’s not so easy to get authentic buy-in.  Here are some great tools for getting support and agreement — critical if things are going to move forward.  Spoiler Alert:  Discover how Start-Stop-Continue can make such a huge difference.