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Why Young Professionals & Entrepreneurs Use Our eBooks

Millennials benefit from ebooks on characteristics of entrepreneurship and advantages of networking

New to the workforce?  Meeting all sorts of people -  co-workers, your boss, customers, etc.?  Starting a business?  Following the entrepreneurial dream? 

You cannot get there alone.  The people with whom you interact will have profound influences on your success.

Here is your opportunity to strengthen the critical business relationship skills that separate you from the rest of the pack:

Master Professional Relationship Skills
  • How to listen to get more information
  • How to ask that connect you with people
  • How to deal with difficult people
  • How to build buy-in
  • How to build effective business relationships

Focus on the business relationships that will drive your success.
  • How to identify, evaluate, and prioritize relationships
  • How to effectively network and build relationships
  • How to build trust in relationships
  • How to understand customers, suppliers, partner needs
  • How to drive personal and business success

How to Who Communications eBooks are the essential guides to develop the skills that elevate you to High Quality Connections. 

How to Who Relationship-Based Sales eBooks are the essential how-to guides for building your business through relationships.  Find out how to differentiate yourself in your very first meeting, and how to build the trust that sustains differentiation.

TOM RUSSO provides testimonials on ebooks about entrepreneurship development

“How to Who helped me remember a lot of things I lost along the way in business.  Specifically, connecting with people first and building a relationship opens doors of opportunity and success.  The program was insightful, expanding my people and business building skills in a way that makes sense and is easily applied.”
Tom Russo, Owner
L&R Productions (Marketing and Advertising Firm)

“The How to Who program helps one think about relationships, how to engender trust, and how those relationships lead to business and referrals.  Most constructive!“
Paul Marchese, VP, St. Germain Investment Management

Pam Butterfield, business owner testimonial on advantage of networking program

“How to Who is unlike anything else out there, and is much more than just net-working.  How to Who is real relationship development that produces results & revenues.”
Pam Butterfield, Owner Business Success Tools

“How to Who delivers significant value in marketing and sales -- subjects that are critical to the success of my business.”
Susan Parent, Owner Technical Industries

“It is nice to know that I’m not alone with my concerns and frustrations in the sales area.  How to Who provides the solutions I’ve been looking for.”
Pat Hayden, Co-Owner UniMetal, Inc.