Sales Training and Skills Ebooks
Designed To Improve Sales Effectiveness

These are the essential next generation handbooks on how-to effectively implement a relationship-first focus in sales.  As you well know:

1. Customers buy from those they trust
2. Relationships differentiate; solutions alone & solutions selling are commodities

Few sales organizations focus on relationships as a key component of their strategy and tactics.  Most sales programs focus on sales processes, overcoming objections, and alleviating a customer’s pain.  They do not emphasize relationships, or train on building relationships that are effective and sustainable.

Our Sales eBooks help you elevate and manage relationships.  When customer relationships are strong, you find yourself more relaxed with less competition.

Set Up and Close provides critical sales training
Set Up and Close

How to put the customer relationship at the top, the #1 priority.  It will transform your thinking from a traditional opportunity & solution approach to a relationship-focused approach.  Fundamentals include:

1. Understand what you do and be great at it
2. Be an effective communicator
3. The Trust Formula
4. The Hierarchy of Business Relationships
5. Turn Relationships into Revenue
6. Build Activity Plans

The Big Sort ebook helps improve sales effectiveness
The Big Sort - Analyze & Prioritize Relationships

Who are your best relationships?  Who do you need to get to know?  Who can help you?  Who are you going to start with? 

Step through the market analysis that helps you answer these questions, narrowing the wide world of opportunities to the select relationships that offer the best opportunities for success.

Warm Introductions and Effective Networking provides important sales skills
Warm Introductions and Effective Networking

You’ve identified the relationships that are important.  You’ve prioritized the relationships that are valuable.  Now it’s time to turn analysis into activities and results. 

You will see how to strengthen and leverage existing relationships.  How to get warm introductions to those you want to meet, vs. hoping for referrals or wasting time on cold calls.  How to effectively network, being in the rooms with the people you want to meet.  You will identify the most effective activities to build relationships and close sales.