Sales Strategy Ebooks That Every Salesperson and Sales Manager Needs

Every salesperson needs our sales strategy and sales techniques ebooks

Sales managers and sales professionals use our handbooks to outperform their competition.  How do we help them?  A focus on one thing before everything else - building strong and trusting relationships.

Without strong and trusting relationships, the only thing the customers can rely on are product and price.  Tough competitive place to be because most products are pretty much alike, and price competition is a long-term losing proposition.

Relationships distinguish you.  A relationship with a customer, and the trust built with that customer, cannot be copied.  It is uniquely yours’. 

Our Communications Handbooks explain the skills needed to be savvy at building effective, strong and trust-based relationships.

Our Relationship-Based Sales Handbooks spell out how to elevate the relationship to a leading position in ones’ strategy and tactics for success.

Stacey Vendetta uses our sales strategy and sales techniques ebooks

“Before How to Who I was with a company that focused on follow the steps & follow the rules.  How to Who helped me remember that connecting is more important than process.  I focused on developing relationships.  I focused on my Top 10 clients and prospects.  The results were immediate - 3 big accounts closed in 90 days, and I made my 6 month goals in 90 days, my annual goals in 8 months.”
Stacey Vendetta, Key Accounts Manager

“The How to Who program is well worth the time.  Relationships are key, and the program helps you build better relationships, yielding better close rates and results.”
Chris Florentino ADNET Technologies

“I developed a relationship plan, learned how to see things from another’s perspective, and how to avoid escalation.  How to Who is worthwhile and a great reinforcement for what we already intuitively know.”
Dan Shedd ADNET Technologies

“You have no idea how often I use the How to Who material.  Even at home I pull it out.  It’s made such a difference in how I communicate, especially with my teens.  I use the word “How” instead of “Why” and it’s totally changed how we communicate with each other.  No idea how this has changed my life.  I stop and think how to ask for things.  It’s been great! Great!”
Mary Lee Weber, Director Business Development
Connecticut Intercollegiate Athletics Conference