““How to Who is excellent.  Don’t pass on it because you’re experienced and think you know it all.”
Tip Simons, Vice President, TD Bank

"With How to Who I got some good practical ideas to kick start some business.  I’m looking at existing relationships in a new light.”
Tom Blumetti, Director Marketing & Sales, Blum Shapiro

“How to Who is unlike anything else out there, and is much more than just net-working.  How to Who is real relationship development that produces results & revenues.”
Pam Butterfield, Owner, Business Success Tools

“How to Who teaches how to manage a relationship rather than focus on selling.”
Ron Dirienzo, Sr. Account Representative, ADNET Technologies

“Prior to How to Who I was with a company that was very process driven; follow the steps & follow the rules.  How to Who helped me remember that connecting was more important than process. The results were immediate - 3 big accounts closed in 90 days, and I made my 6 month goals in 90 days, my annual goals in 8 months.”
Stacey Vendetta
Stacey Vendetta
Key Accounts Manager, TruGreen

“How to Who helped me remember a lot of things I lost along the way in business.  Specifically, connecting with people first and building a relationship opens doors of opportunity and success.  The program was insightful, expanding my people and business building skills in a way that makes sense and is easily applied.”
Tom Russo
Tom Russo
Owner, L&R Productions

“It is nice to know that I’m not alone with my concerns and frustrations in the sales area.  How to Who provides the solutions I’ve been looking for.”
Pat Hayden, Owner, UniMetal, Inc.

“Unlike most networking and sales training programs I've attended, I think this one is very valuable.”
David Shaiken, Esq.

”The How to Who Program helped me focus my efforts in the one area that, in my opinion, is the key to success - the ability to develop personal relationships with people.  Those relationships are based on trust and as a lawyer, that's the essence of what I sell.
Robert Metzler
Robert Metzler, Partner
Cohn, Birnbaum & Shea

“You have no idea how often I use the How to Who material.  Even at home I pull it out.  It’s made such a difference in how I communicate, especially with my teens.  I use the word “How” instead of “Why” and it’s totally changed how we communicate with each other.  No idea how this has changed my life.  I stop and think how to ask for things.  It’s been great! Great!”
Mary Lee Weber, Director Business Development
CT Intercollegiate Athletic Association

“Regardless of position you will get so much from this program – communication skills, listening, and engaging and developing meaningful (profitable) relationships.  I personally benefited greatly and believe that this program presents a positive paradigm shift for our organization and our clients.”
Rebecca Mead
Director Marketing, CONNSTEP

“How to Who helps one think about relationships, how to engender trust, and how those relationships lead to business and referrals.  Most constructive!”
Paul Marchese, Certified Financial Planner
St. Germain Investment Management

“The best new advice I’ve gotten in a long time.  Really a gift.”
Jeffrey Cohen
Owner, ImageWorks, LLC

“How to Who is well worth the time.  Relationships are key, and the program helps you build better relationships, yielding better close rates and results.”
Chris Florentino
Sr. Account Representative, ADNET Technologies

“What I got out of How to Who was a focus on relationships, not sales, and to seek to understand.  It definitely introduces or reinforces tools that help in building trust.”
Steve Moran
Vice President, TD Bank