The Story of How To Who

Until 2014 Ken and Candis worked in two different worlds.  Ken was consulting with entrepreneurs and growing companies, focused on marketing, sales and growth strategies.  Candis was in computer sales and marketing, and then career shifted to consulting with major corporations on creative strategies. 

Regardless of what we were doing, we intuitively knew that relationships were the key driver of success – yet, as much as we knew this, we never really gave it a lot of thought. Like most people, we simply tried our best to manage our business relationships because we knew how important they were to our success.  We did some of our best business with clients we liked.  Sometimes our dinner conversations were about figuring out how to do business with clients we didn’t like.
We each worked in various sales and marketing situations, inside companies big and small.  We often saw how difficult it was for people in these companies to make relationships work well.  And, regardless of their frustration and desire, people seemed to be at a loss as to what to do to smooth out their business relationships.

In 1995, Candis joined SynecticsWorld, Inc. where she learned the inner workings of communications as applied to group innovation.  The common sense, straightforward insights and tools were the keys that helped people innovate together. 

In Synectics, the idea was to use these tools so people could collaborate to create new ideas and products.  As she watched her clients pick up and use these secrets immediately, Candis realized how powerful these tools are.  Ken quickly grasped how these insights and tools could work beautifully to build effective business relationships. 

Voila!  We combined our shared knowledge.  How To Who was born.

We synthesized these powerful tools into easy-to-understand handbooks that explain how relationships really work.  We presented these tools to clients in sales workshops, consulting projects, and coaching sessions.  Even we were surprised and impressed with how readily our clients grasped these tools and realized greater personal success.

Because we cannot share workshops with everyone, we have codified our expertise in these simple handbooks.

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