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Differentiate with a relationship-first focus.

Build stronger connections.

Your connections know, like & trust you.


- A formula for building trust

- The power of understanding perspective

- How to overcome toxic discounts

- Prioritize relationships for maximum benefit

- Neutralize competition (because no one can copy your relationship)

- Elevate generosity as one of your top biz dev skills

With our books you can hone your connection skills, leverage your relationships, and build your best business.

Two Sides - The Business Communications Handbook

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Pick 3 - The Relationships That Build Your Business

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After 30+ years in sales, corporate life, coaching, and consulting, we’ve developed rich expertise in the intricacies of how and why business relationships (and businesses) work. Today, we’re all about sharing our knowledge with you.

Our books reveal how to build, manage, and leverage your business relationships. You know what you want to accomplish; our books will help you get there.